Creative Expressive Therapy

Clinical Music Therapy

“Where words leave off, music begins” – Heinrich Hein

Music Therapy is the research based use of music for the treatment of Personal, Interpersonal & Clinical issues (see here.) Customized according to the unique needs of every client, music therapy is an engaging and effective method to cope with the struggles of everyday life. Therapy is client-centred and non-directive. It requires both, the Therapist and the Client’s co-operation and proaction. In that sense, it is different from sound healing. It is our #1 and best-selling service.

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Art Therapy

“Art is a wound turned into light” – Georges Braque

Art Therapy is the use of artistic activities such as drawing, coloring, and painting in effectively coping with Personal issues. The subconscious mind is explored along with the therapist through art. The creations of the client are seen as a medium for awareness and reflection, which brings positive changes, growth and new perspectives. This method allows expression, and facilitates the processing of difficult and traumatic experiences. Such type of creative expressive thearpy helps a person to deal with their medical trauma.

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Dance & Movement Therapy

“Dance is Movement, & Movement is Life itself” Ludmilla Chiriaeff

DMT is the therapeutic use of movement for the promotion of health and emotional well-being. It is used in the treatment of all prominent conditions. We aim to build body and mind awareness through movement and breathwork. Sessions may include structured movements similar to popular dance forms, the aim being improved emotional functioning. DMT works best in groups, therefore improving interpersonal relationships and sense of belongingness.

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Clinical Tarot Therapy

“The most reliable way to predict the future, is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

Tarot Therapy is a creative expressive therapy which is uses tarot cards as a tool in tapping into the unconscious playings of the mind. It is NOT fortune telling, and is different from psychic readings. Tarot Therapy, like any other psychotherapeutic method, takes regular weekly/bi-weekly sessions for results to be seen. It is a client-centred and non-directive approach, available only in private for Personal and Interpersonal issues. Tarot Therapy heightens awareness, improves decision making and assists emotional processing.

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