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Innovative Contemporary Therapy

Anya Wellbeing is a Creative Therapy Centre that promotes the Expressive Arts for Mental Health and Alternative Methods for Holistic Wellness. Our motive is to bring substantial and long-lasting changes in one’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical state.

It was founded by Aanchal Gehi, a Qualified and Inclusive Therapist who follows a Humanistic and Client-Focused Approach, and so Anya helps you look beyond your diagnosis. We use a variety of research-based treatment methods and hope to bring the joy of creativity in healing.

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    Depression, Anxiety, Abuse and Post-Traumatic Stress, Obsessions-Compulsions, Anger, Grief, Substance Use & Abuse, Insomnia and Hyposomnia, Eating issues, Parkinson, Alzheimers, Dementia & Others, Panic Attack treatments

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    Relationship and Marriage Issues, Family Issues, Sexual Issues, Child & Teenage Parenting, Career, Workplace Issues, School and Classroom Issues & Others

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    Special Needs & Injury

    Down’s Syndrome,
    Cerebral Palsy,
    Brain Stroke,
    Learning Issues & Others

Our Services

The work we offer is tailored according to your unique and specific needs. They are designed to help you cope with difficult emotions without the side-effects of conventional medication.

We also promote mental health awarness in India at our creative therapy centre



Creative &
Expressive Therapy

Explore the depths of your unconscious mind and get back in the driver’s seat of your life


Alternative Therapy

Experience the power of Natural Elements and Naturopathy in improving Emotional Wellness


Group Therapy & Support Groups

Join a group you can relate with and find delight in the sense of belonging.

Create your Future.

The action you take today, decides what happens tomorrow.

  • Aanchal has a gentle way of enabling therapeutic healing. It’s wonderfully safe to be her client. The techniques which were used for me were ideal for me. Especially the way art was used, has provided me much clarity. Tarot cards have brought a special perspective which I find to be a powerful aid. Thank you so much for the journey!

  • Mental Health is just same as the physical health. You need it to be optimum for your best efficiency. I was totally disturbed once and I think we all face this issue once in our life. Aanchal really helped me alot through this. She is really great with breaking down your problems into small segments and then she helps you in gathering courage to find your own solution. There were times when I wasn’t ready to confront my issues, she helped me in that phase too. After I received counselling from her, I just had one regret that I didn’t met her earlier

  • Had an amazing Tarot Therapy session with Aanchal. Yes, I was wondering what a tarot therapy session would be like, but it was refreshingly great.. I loved how she got me to open up and helped me work through it and look at things from a new perspective..she’s great at what she does, very skillful and qualified. I would definitely recommend a session with her!

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